Swisspearl® panels are produced in a sophisticated unit in Niederurnen (Switzerland) and are manufactured with low energy and a high level of environmental awareness. These panels are made of natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains: high quality Portland cement, pulverized limestone, synthetic fibres, pigments, water and air. The proprietary processes pioneered by Swisspearl® with special surface finish, sealed edges and back coating as well as the high compression to which they are submitted ensure optimal behaviour and durability of the panels. Since 1985, millions of panels have been installed throughout the world and continue to carry out their function, proving the outstanding, reliable long-term quality of the Swiss cement composite panel, both core and coating.

Swisspearl® is the only manufacturer which has mastered the highly demanding production processes for integrally coloured cement composite panels offered in such a wide colour range. Thanks to the smooth surface finish, there is minimal maintenance.





Efficiency and creativity

What is a ventilated façade?

A ventilated façade can be characterized by the distance created between the wall of a building and its cladding, creating an air space that allows a continuous and natural ventilation of the building wall. The cladding, meanwhile, is anchored to an aluminium sub-framing, which creates a protection of the building, preserving it.

This façade system is characterized by the lack of complete seal at the top and bottom openings, allowing the air circulation into the space created between the wall and the cladding. Through the air space, the "chimney effect" is activated, in which the warm air rises, and by the effect of the pressure difference, sucks the cooler air into the cavity.

With Swisspearl®, the ventilated façade assumes itself as a constructive solution that combines thermal and energy performance with an aesthetic concern in the buildings design.

We are talking about high functional quality buildings with reduced maintenance needs, thermally optimized and able to reduce energy consumption by about 30% to 50% comparing to traditional cladding.


  • Energy efficiency
  • Acoustic efficiency
  • Active breathing system
  • Water tightness
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance
  • Large panels
  • Ability to create engravings and creative perforation

Swisspearl Largo (dimensions and thicknesses)

Creative and aesthetic freedom

DIMENSIONS:(Useable, finished panel sizes, after all four panel edges have been trimmed off)

Max. panel size (mm) Thickness (mm)
3050 x 1250 8
3050 x 1250 12
2510 x 1250 8
2510 x 1250 8
Max. panel size (mm) Thickness (mm)
3050 x 930 8
2510 x 1250 8